What You Need To Know About Online Utility Application

advantage of applying for such a service

Online Utility Application forms are available online that can be used for filing federal, state and local claims. A person must submit a signed application accompanied by a copy of their most recent pay stub to be eligible for the service. To be entitled for a free online service, the applicant must also sign an authorization granting authorization for the disclosure of personal information. The advantage of applying for such a service is the ability to process claims electronically, eliminating paper requirements and eliminating delays in the eligibility process.

A vital part of any online utility service is an identity verification form. This identity verification form is necessary to ensure that the person requesting the service is who they say they are. An identity verification form will ask questions about a person’s name, date of birth and social security number. By completing the online utility service application, the applicant grants permission for the property manager to obtain information about the requested claim and to contact them if a response is not received within a reasonable period of time. The advantage of using this form is that the property manager does not have to go through the same process of contacting each individual claim recipient as all applicants are submitted to the same form.

applicant provide accurate contact

As with any online service, using an online application requires that the applicant provide accurate contact information. The advantage to the property management company is that they can perform an exact match of information contained in the name verification form to the information contained in the database. Because there are certain types of online applications that require applicants to provide their social security numbers, a property manager may choose to perform the entire application online. This will speed up the application process because all information needed is included. Also, by using the online utility application, the property manager can determine how many application forms to request from a potential tenant.

The second type of online service that is available is a credit and identity verification form. This form can be used to check to see if a customer service representative is actually working for a particular bank or credit card institution. This is useful for checking on a customer service representative’s credibility before handing over money. A customer service online check also allows a property manager to confirm an applicant’s address before depositing money into an account.


When an online utility service is being used, the property manager must be sure to perform a background check on all employees that will be accessing the property. There is always a possibility that one employee will misuse the various accounts that are being checked on. Once all employees have been screened and verified, only then should an applicant actually go ahead and create a standard payment and deposit online utility account.

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