Tips to Buy Gas Safety For Home

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When taking your new hot water boiler for installation, the biggest requirement today is that it must be a certified carbon monoxide (CO) gas safety device. In some cases it may be impossible to install a certified carbon monoxide safety device, but please always seek professional advice before making that decision as it’s a legal requirement for anyone installing a gas boiler in the UK to fitted a carbon monoxide detector as well as a gas safety device. You are also strongly advised to have the boiler regularly inspected by a Gas Safe engineer during the lifetime of the boiler to ensure that everything is up to scratch and if there are any faults, that they are repaired right away to prevent the possibility of severe adverse effects on humans from carbon monoxide poisoning.

You may think that installing a boiler is enough but you should not underestimate the importance of also ensuring that you have adequate supply of hot water. Installing an incompatible or unsuitable boiler will cause a waste of money over the lifetime of the appliance and could also result in a risk to your family’s health from carbon monoxide poisoning. Bottled gas is an ideal solution for both the home as well as a mobile device as you can use it anywhere in the world and you can even take it on holiday with you. The most popular hot water systems are heated via gas and are available in tankless systems as well as combi boilers which supply both hot water and electricity.

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One of the main components of your new boiler should be a gas safety detector. The detector will detect carbon monoxide in the air and once the sensor senses the presence of this toxic gas, the pilot light is fired and sufficient quantity of gas is switched off immediately so that you can extinguish the blaze. It is very important that you follow all the guidelines and requirements set out by your Gas Safe Register (GSR). This boiler safety register contains information regarding the frequency and amount of carbon monoxide detected as well as other matters relating to the installation and maintenance of your boiler.

The boiler manufacturer’s installation manual should provide you with guidance on how to install your boiler and should also contain information regarding the maintenance and servicing of your gas safe register engineer. Your engineer should complete a Gas Safe Register (GSR) within the specified time period and he will send you any updated documentation as and when required. If you are not sure what a GSR is, then ask a professional engineer to help you. Gas Safe Register Engineers will ensure that all the equipment and pipework is in proper working order and are connected safely and securely, preventing gas escapes and fires.

Gas Safe Register engineers

There are different methods of securing the gas connections. The two most common are the use of polyethylene tubing and Teflon tape. These methods are both very effective but are also known to be dangerous. Polyethylene tubing is known to leak and carbon monoxide can easily enter the gas connections causing severe health problems.

Heating elements in your home are usually installed by Gas Safe Register engineers. In case you are not satisfied with the performance of your existing boiler then it would be advisable to replace it with a boiler which is more fuel efficient and offers high levels of comfort and safety. One way to ensure that your engineer is thoroughly up to speed on the latest developments in boiler safety is to let him know of any new developments in the field which he should be aware of. A professional engineer will be constantly on the look out for ways in which your system can be made safer so that your comfort level can be enhanced. Buying a new heating system or purchasing an entirely new boiler should not pose a problem because any good engineer can work something out of the box to offer you comfort and safety at very reasonable rates.

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