Solar Energy Industry Is On A Rise

Energy Industry

The Energy Industry is the backbone of modern civilization. It is responsible for producing a large amount of world-wide energy. Solar energy is heat and radiant light from the Sun which is harnessed utilizing a number of technologies including solar thermal energy, photovoltaics (PV), solar water heating and solar architecture, etc. Solar energy also plays an important role in other industries such as wind turbine design, production and installation, solar-geothermal applications and solar driven electronics. In essence, the entire process encompasses the development of new knowledge and technologies for the better utilization of the abundant energy of the Sun.

An amazing breakthrough in this field was made by scientists and engineers in Germany nearly 15 years ago; they developed the PV Cells or Photovoltaic Cells. This discovery enabled the utilization of the inherent energy in sunlight into electrical energy. Thus, the sun’s rays were utilized to produce electricity. Today, this technology is well established and used for various purposes such as illumination, water treatment, etc. However, many people have been unable to get their hands on cheap, efficient and reliable solar cells. The price factor is one of the biggest deterrent as most of the expensive and high quality solar cell manufacturing products cannot be afforded by the common man.

the solar radiation

Scientists and engineers have developed a number of ways to make the cost of the PV cell much affordable and practical. Some of these methods are described below: The first method or technique involves the use of thin film made of crystalline materials like silicon which are deposited on the front side of the crystalline material. The crystals act as reflectors which absorb the solar radiation.

The second technique or method involves the use of thin film made of polysilicon which is deposited on the back of the crystalline material. The third technique involves using thin film amorphous silicon which is deposited on the back of a crystalline material also known as n-type silicon. In all three techniques, the silicon material acts as the concentrating solar power collector.

climate change problems

While trying to find solutions for the global warming and climate change problems, the Energy Industry is focusing more on the concept of green energies. The Oil Industry has been largely dependent on petroleum and natural gas which is generated from fossil fuels. The burning of oil and gas produces several harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, water vapor, etc. Even the cleanest gasoline emits several harmful gases.

One of the best alternatives to fossil fuels and the expensive process of producing oil and gas is the concept of utilizing the natural sources such as wind, water, sunlight and geothermal energy. Since solar energy and wind energy are free and abundant, they are extremely beneficial to the economy. Wind energy creates no pollution so it is also highly preferred by the environment. With the increasing level of awareness and acceptance in the last few years, the solar energy industry is expected to increase in the coming years.

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