Picnic Tables Are Best For Outdoor Seating

Picnic Tables

Picnic Tables are tables generally used for outdoor picnic, meant for impromptu outdoor eating. The word is most commonly associated with rectangular, square shaped tables with an A-frame construction. Such tables could also be called simply “Picnic tables” if used only indoors. The main distinction between the two is that picnic tables are typically wider and have more leaves than regular tables. The leaves of the table can be used as a parasol to protect from the sun or used to serve meals.

Picnic Tables can be made from various materials depending on one’s preferences. The most popular materials for picnic tables include aluminum, plastic, wood, wicker, and wrought iron. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, wood is strong but expensive and easily damaged. Aluminum is lightweight, durable, but expensive. Plastic, while inexpensive, tends to not be as strong as heavier materials.

Aluminum picnic tables

Aluminum picnic tables are lightweight and easy to carry around, yet strong enough to hold food and beverages. They can either be purchased pre-assembled or with unfinished sides and have matching tabletop stools. Aluminum sets are usually available in a variety of wood stains and colors. However, wood stains tend to be only a good idea if the tabletop stools are also in the same color family as the picnic table. Wood stains can be a bit difficult to remove once they are on the surface of the table.

Picnic tables can either be purchased as separate pieces or as a set comprising of four to six benches. Seating options can include folding bench seats, level seating, or benches with pegs for holding cans or other items. The type of seating that is most preferred is level seating since it provides more room for spreading out a number of picnic foods and the kids will have fun moving around the group. However, if there is not enough space on the side or rear benches for folding chairs, extra seating can be installed.

picnic tables

Another way to decorate a picnicking area is with Nielson blanket style picnic tables. These handsome picnic tables have been in use since 1930s and are still made in Denmark. Available in wood or metal, the Nielson table has a flat bottom and is covered with comfortable blankets which are slotted into the frame and protected by rubber foam.

Picnic tables made from wood are often used indoors in public parks. Picnic tables made from wrought iron or aluminum have more casual designs. Wood tables can be paired with a blanket or a lawn chair. In public parks, such as those in New York City, playgrounds often have this furniture along with swings and glider bars.

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