Health Benefits of Sunlight Exposure For Kids and Adults

five health benefits of sun exposure

When we are exposed to sunlight for a long period of time, the ultraviolet rays in the sun will improve our health and prevent us from many diseases and disorders. If we are not exposed to sunlight regularly, the damage that can be caused to our skin and our eyes will make us susceptible to skin cancer and other eye problems. The ultraviolet rays also have the ability to strengthen our bones and muscles and increase the elasticity of our skin. So when we take advantage of the benefits of UV rays, we can improve our memory and prevent our skin from degeneration. The following are five health benefits of sun exposure:

Strengthening bones and muscles. We get out of our regular life very rarely enough and that’s why we don’t normally think about getting outside to enjoy sunshine. But it’s a great way to improve bone density and muscle strength. After all, when we exercise, we need strong bones and muscles to support our efforts. It is even more important to exercise outdoors under the sun because there is more vitamin D in the sun than in the air. Vitamin D is a building block of strong bones and muscles.

Improving mood related issues. As we all know, the sun is a great stress reliever. Some people have said that spending the morning outdoors is a great way to reduce or eliminate stress. Some people have also reported having a better mood after spending time outdoors in the morning. So if you want to improve your mood, get out of the house and enjoy the benefits of sunshine! Other health benefits associated with UV exposure include:

Sharpening cognitive skills. The sunlight helps to sharpen the minds. It is believed to allow the blood vessels to supply oxygen to the brain better. This is believed to lead to improved memory, sharper focus and increased alertness. Other mental benefits from the sun include: reducing headaches related to lack of sleep, improving daytime drowsiness and improving alertness when undertaking a challenging task.

Reducing skin cancer. Long-term sun exposure has been shown to be a great way to reduce the risks of skin cancer. Some studies have found a reduction in melanoma, the most common type of skin cancer, after as little as three years of follow up.

Strengthening the immune system. Research has shown a reduction in illness and infections in people who spend time outdoors. Exposure to sunlight also leads to an increase in the production of red blood cells. This has been associated with an overall improvement in health and immunity. Many of these same benefits are seen in boosting the immune system with vitamin D. It is now believed that vitamin D helps prevent prostate cancer. While vitamin D is not always produced naturally in the body, exposing your child to adequate amounts of natural sunlight on a regular basis is an excellent way to ensure he or she gets enough of this important vitamin.

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