Door Lock Buying Guide – Discussing Several Types

tips to help make choosing the right door lock

The door lock is one of the most important components to any home or office. There are just so many different kinds of door locks to choose from that it can be hard to determine which one is the right one for you. Whether you are locking your front door, bedroom door or even closet door, you need the right locking device for the job. With all of the variety in terms of door locks, the key and door lock combination is becoming more difficult to manage. Fortunately, there are some simple tips to help make choosing the right one a little easier.

There are two major styles of door locks that are currently on the market; cylinder and key. Each of these lock designs has their pros and cons. The major deciding factor will likely come down to personal preference. However, both styles provide great security and are generally effective at keeping unauthorized access.

cylinder door lock

One of the simplest locking devices on the market today is the single cylinder door lock. The benefits of owning a single cylinder lock include its ease of installation. Single cylinder door locks can be easily installed using just screwdrivers, a screwdriver bit and a single flathead screwdriver. They are designed so that one key can be used to open them, making them practically impossible to duplicate. However, they are not without their disadvantages. Because of the small cylinder, it is very easy to accidentally knock them off or bash them against other furniture if the key is lost or stolen.

Keyless entry systems, also known as transponder door locks, have gained in popularity over the past few years. These newer door locks use a biometric scanner that authenticates the correct identification of an individual when opening the door. As great as this new technology sounds, they do have their disadvantages. These days, anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of electronics can gain access to these doors by registering themselves at trusted website. While the biometric scanner used in these door lock systems is very secure, it can still be defeated if someone knows how to operate a laptop computer with a thumb-drive within proximity of the sensor.

typical single-cylinder door lock

Another option that provides a little more security than a typical single-cylinder door lock is a deadbolt lock. These deadbolt door locks consist of a single heavy-duty door lock with several adjustable keys that can be controlled by a keypad. These keys must be locked before use. They are not easily duplicated, but because they are activated by electronic signals, they are a lot less of a risk than traditional door locks. Using a deadbolt locks on exterior doors is an excellent choice, but they do have several types of competition including certain types of window locks and patio door locks.

The final type of door lock to discuss is the double-cylinder lock, also referred to as a “backset” lock. A double-cylinder door lock features two keys that lock in both the interior and exterior cylinder. This lock is the most secure of all the available door lock options, but it is also the most difficult to break open, requiring at least two keys to open. They are commonly found in commercial applications such as banks and hospitals, but they are also quite popular for use in residential homes. As such, many homeowners opt for these locks for backset protection.

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