Cute Fanny Pack and Waist Bag Fixtures

different styles of clothing

When women think of being fashionable and trendy, a favorite accessory they often purchase is a waist pack. waist pack, waist pouch, waist belt bag or waist bootie is a small cloth pouch worn around the waist by the use of a long strap typically with some type of closure usually with a zipper, made from some type of closure on one side only. The straps can be adjustable in nature, often having separate adjustable straps to suit different body types. These items are often referred to as fanny packs and they are a staple of many different styles of clothing.

One example of a great pair of waist packs would be those by Delta Burke. These products have an adjustable band along with a main compartment with a zipper and drawstring closure. The main compartment has numerous pockets for small items such as keys, cell phones, pens, identification cards, magazines, and more. Additionally, the bag can be used as a hand bag as well. These bags are great for sporty women who want to look sporty but don’t want to take out their laptop or handheld computer.

quality but lightweight

Other examples of quality but lightweight waist pack choices include those by American Flyer and OiOi. Both of these styles feature an adjustable waist belt with a zippered pocket designed to hold either a key chain or a set of keys. Additionally, both of these bags have multiple zippered pockets with various sized openings. This allows the consumer to locate all of their keys and access their favorite accessories at a moment’s notice.

Another must-have for every woman is a fanny pack or waist belt bag. A fanny pack is designed to be carried close to the body with the use of a shoulder strap. This is similar in design to a gym or corporate fitness carry all bag. It features one large pocket with an array of smaller pockets on each side and an adjustable or removable inside adjustable belt with an outside zipper pocket.

styles and designs of bum bag

Bum bags are designed to be carried over the shoulders with an open face. There are many styles and designs of bum bag including those with a laptop holder, which has a stand for your laptop, an outside pocket with hook and loop closures, and an adjustable or removable inside strap. Some backpacks also come with a fanny pack. A bum bag or dagne dover may not be as trendy as a designer waist pack, but it does still have multiple uses. The dagne dover helps to carry several essentials like makeup, documents, and cash.

When shopping for a cute fanny pack or waist bag keep in mind how much you will be using it, what you will be using it for, and what kind of compartments you need. For instance if you are going to be running then it would not be very practical to get a large waist pack for hiking and only a medium one for running. Instead opt for a duffel that has more than enough room for all of your hiking and outdoor gear. The most important thing to remember when buying a waist pack or a fanny bag is to find one that you really like. There are plenty of cute and stylish ones that you can find both online and at department stores like amazon.

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